Crème Simon

French skin care products


Crème Simon on desktop

Stable, reliable and expandable

Crème Simon is a traditional brand of french cosmetics industry and found its renaissance in Singapore. Next to elegant designs Crème Simon persuades with product quality of highest ranks.

Bitlab Studio was selected to create a modern shop, which should refine the buying experience with many features of user interaction.

Crème Simon
Crème Simon

Summary of our work

  • Geolocation based services (GeoDjango / GIS)
  • Payment integration (AsiaPay)
  • Fully automatic server provisioning (ansible) and deployment (Fabric)
  • Brand embassador system with commissions
  • Admin-dashboard with statistics and administration tools

Based on Django and django-oscar we created a shop system and extended it i.e. with new product options, payment methods, user profiles, admin tools and more features.